Allganize raises $10 million round led by Atinum Investment

Allganize raises $10 million

Allganize raises $10 million round led by Atinum Investment

Today I am super excited to announce our fundraising news:

2020 has been a rollercoaster for most of the startups. It’s an unprecedented year and is defining a new normal for many businesses. With the remote working culture expanding, demand for better access to a company’s knowledge base is increasing, Allganize has grown more than 3.5X in 2020 alone. Employees and customers want to get information immediately, not wasting time skimming documents to get answers. 2020 was the year that we’ve proven our product and technology bring a clear value to our customers.

When business customers bring AI technology for their workflow, most of them are utilizing many human resources to make their AI smart. Bringing AI to the workflow to help employees, but pushing employees to make that AI smarter is quite ironic. This AI adoption process is not sustainable. We disrupt this endless cycle by introducing AI that requires no manual training or data preparation, while bringing best-in-class precision to our customers.

We’ve just started our journey and it’ll continue until we bring the benefits of AI to all enterprise customers. And we’re hiring: