Left: Mr. Aoyama, Product Manager, KDDI, Right: Mr. Asakawa, Engineering Manager, KDDI
Please tell us about "Tokui's Kakehashi"

Mr. Aoyama: “Tokui's Kakehashi” is an application that focuses on connecting people based on their skills. The project aims that the general public can earn income, contribute to society, and gain a life by returning his skills to the community. I am working as a project manager in this project.

Mr. Asakawa: I am involved in this project from a development standpoint. I work as a scrum master for service design and agile development, and I also in charge of communication with external partners like Allganize.

Why do you need AI chatbot?

Mr. Aoyama: When I interviewed users, there were many voices saying "I don't know what skills I have. What can I do?" This led to the idea that, for example, simply preparing a questionnaire or an input form to listen to skills would not provide enough information, or there might be a lot of lost information.

We've been thinking that making users feel comfortable would be critical to let them speak about their skills. It should be conversational interface.

What makes you choose Alli from Allganize?

Mr. Aoyama: Personalized conversation based on user's answer was the most critical feature for us. Alli is providing variable feature that can be used in conversation building which is super easy to use. This is the first reason.

This project was implemented with Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture. Using their "Tokoron" mascot in the conversation with many different UI components was important factor as well. Alli supports multimedia and rich UI in the conversation. Alli's AI performance with personalization, and rich US makes us very easy to choose Alli for this project.

Product Screenshot implemented by Alli

Mr. Asakawa: From a development point of view, in this project, it was necessary to integrate the application screen and the chatbot screen. Alli's API was enterprise grade in terms of functionality, documentation, availability. Thanks to this, we can make this with ease.

Mr. Aoyama: In addition, in operation perspective, it has good operability and simplicity, and high maintainability of chat conversation. UI / UX of Alli dashboard was very intuitive and easy to use.

Just after the release, I maintained a lot of chat conversations while keeping up with the schedule. Alli dashboard helped me a lot to maintain huge amount of conversations and I was able to release it safely.

How was Allganize's support during the project?

Mr. Asakawa: Actually, I was a bit worried because project schedule was a short-term, but the person in charge was in good standing and supported in Japanese, sometimes with hands-on support, so I could proceed with development with peace of mind.

Allganize deeply understands how to train and deploy AI model to the production and solved our issues as quick as possible. The speed was very impressive.

How do users like the chatbot service?

Mr. Asakawa: Although IT industry is familiar with chatbots, the general public is still enjoying their novelty. There has never been a report that the chat conversation was clogged, and users have registered a great deal of information from the chatbot conversation. Alli has been doing so much critical role in our project. 

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