Alli's answer bot automatically responds to messages using Natural Language Understanding to help users find the answer they're looking for. Everyone wants great engagement and customer experience, but it takes the right combination of product and service to realize these goals. Our latest features do exactly those and our partner has been more than happy with the results:

"Our response rate jump from 65% to 91% when we combined natural language input and autocomplete input in Alli!"

Today I’m going to show you how to program your Alli chatbot to answer your organization’s frequently asked questions and enhance your response rates with just a few adjustments in the dashboard.

First, within Project Settings, turn on 'Always detect natural language input.' Alli can provide a remarkable conversational experience by analyzing unstructured input from your customers and give responses based on intent. This gives the overall feel of a natural conversation and not one with a machine.

The second configuration you need to set up is the Autocomplete feature. It is important for multiple reasons – not only it is a convenience people now expect, it can help your customers construct more useful questions than they might on their own and make suggestions based on what Alli's AI has learned from your large corpora of FAQ and documents uploaded. To set up autocompletion, visit the Chat Design tab in Project Settings and switch on the feature at the bottom of the page. You also have the additional option of settings the number of suggestions to show.

We found a remarkable difference when Natural Language Input is used with Autocomplete User Input. The combination helps users get the information they need faster while in control of what they enter. You don’t need to design a complex chatflow to create high levels of engagement with your customers. Even right out of the box, Alli can help you harness high level of interactivity and engagement with these simple tweaks in Alli.

To schedule a demo to see how Alli can integrate conversational AI into your customer service strategy, make an appointment here.

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