Using the new 'Build a Form' node, you can ask customers to input a series of information to be stored and send it to agents via email. This new feature is handy when there's any required information you should get from customers.

To start, select Build a Form nod from the node icons.

The node consists of three parts. First, put any message you want to show to the customers to ask for the information here.

Second, specify the information you ask for the customers. Put the name for each field to be shown in the chat flow and select variables to store the information. You can add new variables here using the dropdown menu and can add more fields using '+ ADD FIELD' button.

Lastly, check 'Email notification to agents' if you want to send the information via email. You can select specific agents or leave it unselected to send the email to all agents available. If it's unchecked, the information will not be sent via email but only be stored in each variable.

After clicking on 'APPLY' to save the node, you'll see this on the chat flow editor.

And this is how the actual chat flow looks like:

We'll add a new feature to let the customers send files via the node as well. Keep posted!