A couple of weeks ago, we updated this new feature that you can upload FAQ files including images. Now you can include links and text styles as well after our latest update! Let's check out how to this.

Please remember that images, links, and styles can be included only in the answer part, not in the question part.

To add links in your FAQ file, you should use [#LinkText|URL] format. Just like this.

Use [#LinkText|URL] to include links in the file

For your information, any links in your FAQ, either it's added via uploading files or using dashboard FAQ editor, will be converted into this format when you download your FAQ from Alli dashboard - so you don't lose any of your link information.

Once you upload the FAQ file, check if the links are shown as intended. If there're any errors, you may use our dashboard FAQ editor to correct them.

Check if the link works as intended after uploading

Adding Text Styles

To add text styles in your FAQ file, you should use xlsx (or zip including xlsx file, if you're uploading images as well) format. Just apply the style to the text in your FAQ excel sheet, upload the file, and that's it!

Apply text styles using excel editor
See the styles applied to FAQ after uploading

There's a few things to note.

  • Bold, italic, and font color can be applied currently. Underline and text size change can still be applied via dashboard FAQ editor.
  • Font color will be adjusted to the most similar color that Alli text editor supports. You may see a slight difference.
  • Again, xlsx format only. Xls, csv, and tsv are not supported.

Let us know if you'd like to see certain new features updated in Alli. We'll talk with you and keep update Alli to serve your needs better!