Get External Data node allows you to send and receive data to/from a third-party when the chatflow reaches the node. To fully utilize this node, you may need some knowledge of software development. You can choose between simple mode and advanced mode depending on the situation.

Icon location on the node icon bar

Simple Mode

In the node, you can see the URL, headers (if any), request method, and variables to send & receive values from the URL. You must use the variable names to identify the data to send and receive in the Simple mode.

  1. URL: Enter the URL you’ll be sending to or receiving from, and select the action from the dropdown. You can choose from GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.
  2. Headers: Add header information if necessary.
  3. Simple tab: Select to use simple mode.
    3-1: Variables to send: Select variables to send values from Alli. Supports JSON format.
    3-2: Data to receive: Select variables to receive values from the URL. Supports JSON format.

Advanced Mode

In the node, you can see the URL, headers (if any), request method, JSON format to send variables from Alli, variables & JSON paths to receive data from the URL.

The URL and The Headers part is the same as the Simple mode. In Advanced mode, you can use JSON format instead of variable names to send data from Alli and to receive from the URL. It gives more flexibility for developers.

4.  Advanced tab: Select to use Advanced mode.
    4-1: Variables to send: Use JSON format instead of just the variable names.
    4-2: Data to receive: Select the variables to save data from the JSON path below. The path doesn't need to have the same name as the variable.

Common: Message when data retrieval fails

You can type in the message to show when the data retrieval fails.