Now customers can give feedback to individual Documents search results, so the feedback adjusts the search result accordingly next time when a similar search is made. Let's see how it works.

After a customer enters a search query to the Answer with Documents node in the conversation with Alli, thumb up / down icons will be displayed for each answer candidate. The customer can give positive feedback by clicking on the thumb up icon, negative by the thumb down icon.

When a customer gives a feedback to a certain answer candidate for a certain query, it affects future search results for similar queries. For example, let's say a customer gave this feedback to 'How often should the examination be performed?' query:

In the dashboard, under the Knowledge Base > Documents tab, you can see that the Adjusted Score on the answer for that query went up, and it's affecting the order of the search results, both on the dashboard and the conversation on the bot.

On the dashboard
On the conversation

If you try a similar query, you can see that the Adjusted Score for the similar one is affected as well.

A few notes about the user feedback for Documents search:

  • The amount of change in the adjusted score depends on the original Score, the number of feedbacks, and how similar the search query is with the original query that received the feedback.
  • One customer can give multiple same feedback to one search result.
  • When there's any positive feedback, negative feedbacks won't affect the Adjusted score.

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