Alli's AI understands natural language and search for the most relevant FAQ from your database even when the question doesn't have any keywords overwrapped. In addition to this, you can add multiple questions to each FAQ to increase the accuracy of the AI even more.

From Q&A tab

Go to FAQ > Q&A. Either you start from the ADD FAQ button to create a new FAQ or from editing an existing one, you'll see this FAQ editor. Click the ADD button.

You can add as many questions as you want. Once you add all the questions, click SUBMIT to save.

Or you can upload FAQs include multiple questions. Simply add 'Similar Questions' column in the file and add the questions, separated by line breaking.


Under the CANDIDATES tab, you can find similar unanswered questions are grouped, possibly with an answer automatically found from the documents you uploaded under the DOCUMENTS tab.

Simply click the + button to add the candidate to Q&A, then you can edit all the candidate questions included. Click SUBMIT when you're done editing.

That wasn't too difficult, was it?