Alli User Guide - Settings > Chat Design

Customize the design of your chatbot to fit your brand image.

  1. Company Name: Customize the company name at the top bar of your chat UI.
  2. Company logo: Update your company logo at the top bar of your chat UI.
  3. Theme color: Customize the color scheme of your chat UI.
  4. Toggle Button: Update the toggle button image that opens up the chat window.
  5. Avatar: You can change the profile image chatbots talk to in your chat room.
  6. Preview: What the users see after the design changes you are making.

7.  Chat Window Style: You can choose between normal and compact.

8.  Option Alignment: You can choose how to align options for questions.

9.  Option Length: Maximum length of a button option.

10.  Enable contact agent: You can turn Contact agent on/off . When set to On, the Connect agent option will appear at the bottom of the chat UI.

11.  Enable get transcript: You can turn Get transcript on/off. When set to On, the Get transcript option will appear at the bottom of the chat UI. Your user can request to receive a copy of the transcript to be emailed to them.

12.  SDK Position: You can choose where to locate the chat window.

13.  Autocomplete user input: Turn this on to see autocompleted Q&As when customers enter questions.

14.  Number of suggestions to show: Decide how many autocompleted Q&As show when #13 is on.

15.  Default message in pop-up: A pop-up is shown when a customer first arrives to your webpage, and the chat window opens up when the customer clicks the pop-up. You can choose to show the last message from the conversation on the pop-up or to set a custom message.

16.  Pop-up width: Change the width of the pop-up.

17.  Pop-up box icon: This decides the icon image on the pop-up.

18.  Pop-up preview: This is how the pop-up will look like once you apply the changes you made.

19.  You can reset the design to the default setting or apply the changes you made.

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