Using the Security settings, you can set IP whitelist for Alli dashboard and Domain whitelist for Alli SDK.

IP Whitelist

You can whitelist ranges of IPs to add more security for accessing the Alli dashboard. Please remember that whitelisting any IP range will block access from all the other IPs.

  1. IP Whitelist menu is under Settings > Security.
  2. Press to check current public IP. Make sure to include your public IP in the whitelist to prevent being banned from the dashboard.
  3. Remove the whitelisted IP range in the row.
  4. Enter the new IP range to be whitelisted here. You can select a specific agent to apply the IP restriction. If you don't select the agent, the IP range is allowed for all agents.
  5. Add the new IP range to the list.
  6. Save any changes made. Clicking this button without adding your own IP address will ban you from the dashboard. Please be mindful.

Domain Whitelist

Domain whitelist decides the domains you want to allow Alli SDK to be loaded. Please note that if you set any domain to be whitelisted, Alli won't load up on all the other domains.

  1. Domain whitelist menu is under Settings > Security.
  2. Existing domain in the whitelist. Click the '-' button to remove.
  3. Enter the new domain to be whitelisted here and click the '+' button to add to the list. You can use wildcard characters such as asterisk as well. Please see supported wildcard characters below to learn more.
  4. Save any changes made.

Supported wildcard characters for Domain Whitelist

  • *: Matches everything
  • ?: Matches any single character
  • [seq]: Matches any character in seq
  • [!seq]: Matches any character not in seq