Alli User Guide - Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

Train Alli to understand synonyms and antonyms in our dashboard. #finetune

Alli User Guide - Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

Alli's AI has a high accuracy right out of the box. You can also train Alli to understand synonyms and antonyms. You can use this feature to register industry-specific antonyms/acronyms and achieve an even higher accuracy!

Synonym Dictionary

To register synonyms, go to Knowledge Base > Q&A or Documents and click the DICTIONARY button.

You can register primary words and synonyms manually in the table, or upload sets of synonyms. You also have an option to search, edit, and delete already registered synonyms.

Once you have added the Synonyms, the AI will recognize the synonyms as the same as the target words.

Antonym Dictionary

Antonym in Alli means words with different meanings. The Antonym tab is right next to the Synonym tab. Click on it to register antonyms. The Antonym dictionary does not have a separate target word field. However, it is still pretty much the same as the Synonym dictionary.

Due to the nature of the Antonym dictionary, you should input more than two words to add antonyms.

Please note that Antonym dictionary is not supported for Documents search yet.

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