1. Q&A: Questions and answers are an integral part of your knowledge base. You can upload all of your frequently asked Q&A pairs. The answers are primarily composed of text but can also contain images, and videos.
  2. Candidates: When your users ask questions that the system could not find an approved answer, the questions are organized in "Candidates."
  3. Documents: Here you can upload documents for MRC to be used for Cognitive Search.
  4. Query Training: When you enter a query, our tool returns a set of similar questions which you can then provide feedback to help fine tune the model.
  5. Auto-tagging: Tags can be used to keep your questions and answers them organized. Here you can manage your tags and configure to have AI automatically assign tags to your Q&A and save you from doing the repetitive task.
  6. Source: You can set up external data source for our system.
  7. Analytics: Check out the key metrics and KPIs to find out the performance of your Cognitive Search.
  8. Settings: Where you can configure the setup parameters for your Cognitive Search project.