We weren’t prepared for remote working and companies aren’t prepared for managing remote workers. Managing well is hard, and manage remotely is even harder.

Turns out we are all bad writers

When we are working in the office, a lot of information is shared in person and it is easy to get clarification. When working remotely, 99% of communication is shared using written words while other facilitators such as white board, body language and facial expressions are completely lacking. We notice that bad writing impairs productivity because people receive wrong information to do their job.

Fuzzy communication hurts real bad

Just because one person is clear on what they need doesn't mean the other people shares the same clarity. Working in person can bridge that gap but working remotely is not forgiving when things aren't ULTRA clear. Brevity has costed the team a lot. When messages are unclear, incomplete, people have to spend a lot of time trying to interpret what needed to be done.  

We don't have 'water-cooler moments'

We can’t set up a ping pong table, stock the fridge, grab lunch or coffee. The quick chat around the snack table is what many of us miss the most when working remotely.  It takes so much effort to maintain morale and build a culture remotely.

Working remotely is certainly harder than we imagined. What challenges have you encountered with your remote team?

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