If you're working for a business that issues individual contracts to each of its customers, such as insurances or online commerce platforms, you know how difficult it is to deal with each customer's questions and guarantee their satisfaction. To resolve their issues promptly, more information than one man can know is required, which is why in most cases, agents need access to a knowledge base system to do their job.

Too much information to put in one person's brain, requires knowledge base system

But even with the help of a knowledge base system, it takes a lot of time to look for the specific data of the client company. Once the documents that may have the answers to the questions are found, the agents still have to read the documents and find the part that contains the answer.

We conducted a case study with one of  Allganize’s customers, a B2B business, and found that the resolution time per question was approximately 5 minutes and 20 seconds on average (see figure 2).

Figure 2: A typical customer support workflow

In order to quantify just how much Allganize's AI solution can improve the situation, we decided to run a small test with the customer to verify how many hours they can save using Alli, our enterprise dashboard. Given the nature of customer support, the amount of support center man-hours saved equals the amount of time the end client won’t have to spend waiting on hold.

The result was remarkable. After switching to Alli,  resolution time had decreased to 50 seconds per ticket, and our customer saved a total of 209 hours in a month! Given that this case study only targeted five of our customer’s accounts, it means that if you have 100 clients, you could save around 4,200 hours a month!

Total time spent on client tickets has decreased dramatically

What’s even more important to note is that 65.9% of all questions were resolved within 30 seconds from the first contact with the client. When the agents asked Alli a question, Alli's FAQ search found the answer instantly - and for the times it did not, almost 90% of questions were resolved within 10 minutes in a follow-up conversation.

Ticket resolution time after Alli was deployed

If you are interested in empowering your agents with AI and saving both their and your customers' valuable time, let us help you. You can schedule a short call with us to find out how we are using our Natural Language Understanding AI to improve productivity for our customers and how we can do the same for you.