KB Securities announced on Dec 30, 2020 the addition of Allganize’s AI technology to its advanced spam filtering, document management automation, and chatbots to improve enterprise-wide work efficiency.

Allganize’s text classification offers organizations the ability to detect, understand, and classify large corpus of text to extract meaning. With Allganize’s technology packaged into their spam-filtering software, KB Securities is able to scan e-mail content to discover unsolicited messages.

In addition, KB Securities is applying Allganize’s machine reading comprehension (MRC) technology to their document management system. MRC can read and understand unstructured data like a human and answer questions based on a given context. Due to the nature of the securities industry, it is quite a task for humans to read through thousands of documents, and parse the information into actions. Allganize’s technology not only does a great job at extracting information and augmenting it with MRC, but also provides answers to a user query.

KB Securities has incorporated robotic process automation (RPA) to extract information for investment which saves the brokers’ time in providing qualified services for customers and reduces human errors.

KB Securities also plans to implement AI-based DeepQA service on 'TalkKB', an in-house chatbot launched for the first time in the securities industry. One of the hardest problems for a chatbot is to understand the context of the conversation and respond in a timely manner. DeepQA, utilizing Allganize’s AI, can extract answers from documents such as manuals and regulations in seconds.

KB Securities will continue to utilize Allganize’s AI in many core areas of its business to disrupt and transform the industry. Seung-ho Jang, head of the Digital Innovation Division at KB Securities, "We are committed to improving work processes. AI helps reduce repetitive work and free our employees up to focus on more valuable, high-impact tasks so our business can move faster and innovate.”

About KB Securities

Founded in the early 1960s, KB Securities is a subsidiary of the Seoul Stock Exchange-listed KB Financial Group. KB Securities offers a wide variety of financial services including online, bond and securities trading, brokerage, underwriting and consulting for mergers and acquisitions. KB Securities is committed to innovating processes, intensifying digital competencies and building sustainable management infrastructure.

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