By changing the 'Impact of user feedback to User Score' value under FAQ configuration, you can let customers' FAQ selections affect future FAQ search results. Let's see how it works.

First, go to the Knowledge Base > Q&A and click the configuration icon to open the FAQ configuration. Scroll down to the Impact of user feedback to User Score.

The default value, for this setting, is zero (slowest), which means the customer's selection doesn't affect the FAQ search results. You can adjust the value as per your requirements. You can also reset all User Score values here.

Now let's see how this changes the search result. When you enter a question in the search bar under Q&A, you'll see the preview result for the FAQ search with Score and User Score.

The score value indicates how similar Alli's AI thinks the FAQ is to the search query, before any feedback from customers. On the other hand, the User Score is the adjusted value of the Score after taking into account customers' FAQ selections. You can notice how the User Score increases when customers select the FAQ after similar search queries and how it decreases if customers choose 'None of the above' when the FAQ is displayed as one of the options.

Since the FAQ with the highest User Score is displayed first, you'll see that the order of the options changes as the User Score changes. If the User Score is high enough and is above the Direct Answer Threshold, then the answer will be displayed directly to customers with similar search queries.

User Score adjusted the order of FAQ candidates displayed.

Pretty smart, isn't it? Please note that the selection in the chatflow preview also affects the User Score. This means that if you don't like certain FAQ search results, you can adjust the result manually by "teaching" the AI in the chatflow preview.