Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc. (SMBC Group), announced today that it will adopt Allganize’s AI technology to improve operational efficiency and bring greater value to their customers.

SMBC Group is the first Japanese financial institution to offer such an integrated AI system to customers. The Group operates in over 40 countries and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc. (SMBC Group) is the 12th biggest bank in the world by total assets. To maintain and try to grow their large market share, they need to constantly innovate and are at the forefront of emerging technologies.

One way they are doing this is to improve efficiency and streamline the customer experience with Allganize’s technologies. Allganize combines robotic automation with Natural Language Processing to automatically answer and route customers’ requests in real-time. This gives agents more time to focus on higher value issues and increase customer satisfaction. The first step in executing SMBC Group’s vision in transforming its business operations is integrating Allganize’s technologies into Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company and SMBC Nikko Securities.

"Allganize is honored to partner with such a forward thinking and innovative organization," Changsu Lee, Founder and CEO of Allganize. “This represents a significant step in our commitment to providing seamless, efficient, and stress-free customer support as well as business automation across the world through AI.”

Allganize’s technologies are the result of extensive research, product design based on customer feedback and an experienced team focused on developing high impact AI solutions. They are built with the goal of increasing productivity in every aspect of business operations. Allganize is trusted and chosen by companies around the world with enterprise customers spanning the USA, Japan, and South Korea across multiple industries, including financial services, insurance, e-commerce, consumer products, consulting, human resource and government agencies.

Allganize’s solutions include:

  • Alli AnswerBot - an AI-driven multilingual chatbot that is capable of extracting answers from unstructured data in company knowledge bases to answer customer questions and give them instant solutions.
  • Cognitive Search - uses artificial intelligence to find the most relevant answers to natural-language questions directly from documents without curated databases. It is also capable of automatically generating questions and answers from unstructured data.

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About SMBC Group

Headquartered in Tokyo and with a 400-year history, SMBC Group offers a diverse range of financial services, including banking, leasing, securities, credit cards, and consumer finance. The Group has more than 130 offices and 85,000 employees worldwide in nearly 40 countries. Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc. (SMFG) is the holding company of SMBC Group, which is one of the three largest banking groups in Japan. SMFG's shares trade on the Tokyo, Nagoya, and New York stock exchanges. As of June 30, 2020, its total assets were $2.10 trillion.

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About Allganize

Allganize’s AI technology allows enterprises to automate answering questions from a myriad of unstructured text documents. It empowers customer support representatives, speeds up resolution time, enhances cross-platform search experience, and extracts named entities from contracts for underwriters and agents. Unlike other AI providers, Allganize’s technology does not require manual data tagging, making it faster and easier to implement while providing best-in-class results and accuracy. Allganize’s Answer Bot and Cognitive Search can automatically resolve 50~80% of customers’ questions and free up agents’ time to handle four to five times the volume of high priority issues.

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