The Impact of OpenAI's GPT-3

Many feel that GTP-3 poses a threat to human interaction in social media and other interactive platforms if they happen to fall in the wrong hands.

The Impact of OpenAI's GPT-3

In recent years, a lot of development has been conducted to develop artificial intelligence capable of outperforming humans in many or all tasks. The invention of the text generating neural algorithm GPT-2 in 2019 was viewed at the most dangerous artificial intelligence algorithms in history not until its developer OpenAI an artificial intelligence laboratory further developed a more complex, and homogenous Neural network –powered model, Generative pre-trained Transformer (GTP-3), a language model that predicts the likelihood of a sentence existing in the world. The language model can label the sentence ‘’I take my dog for a walk’’ as more probably on the internet than ‘’I take my banana for a walk,” and this is true for any other related sequence. GTP pre-trained language models can generate convincingly accurate continuations, even including the formulation of fabricated quotes. The most amazing aspect of GTP-3 is its meta-learning capability. Meta-learning also referred to as ‘learning to learn’ tends to design models that can learn a new skill or even adapt to a new environment rapidly with few training examples. GTP-3 is built with huge 175 million parameters making it the largest language model ever created and was trained on the largest dataset of any language model making it the smartest, intelligence, and humanlike.

The development of these vast and more humanlike machines however has raised more concerns globally. Many feel that GTP-3 poses a threat to human interaction in social media and other interactive platforms if they happen to fall in the wrong hands. The presence of the more developed artificial intelligence may lead to and advance security, some threats may restrict its usage at the military level.

The Generative pre-trained Transformer GTP-3 can be used in many areas that involves taking a piece of text, transforming and emitting another piece of text like in the field of, medical coding, billing, and customer support. However, despite many advantages of GTP-3, there are drawbacks that it exhibits due to its lack of holistic human nature. While human-like artificial general intelligence may not be imminent, substantial advances may be possible in the coming years. For example, although computers and computer programmed software can beat humans in games of Go or chess or arithmetic, they cannot think on their own. GTP-3 like any other software has no form of memory or recurrence, so it cannot perform anything outside its limited 500-1000 words.

Globally there has been an amazing explosion of technology. Researchers are sleepless under the pleasure to develop a super intelligent artificial intelligence that would do almost all the tasks that humans do or even do better. Technology affects the way individuals communicate, learn, and think. Its influence in human interaction is far more reaching in society. A great advancement has been made, still a lot of hard work is yet to be accomplished in technological development towards a super intelligent artificial intelligent software and programs.

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