Businesses are adopting conversational AI (also known as AI chatbots or answer bots) to achieve shorter turnaround times with less human resources, in order to boost customer satisfaction. A report by Gartner predicts that 40% of chatbots/virtual assistant applications launched in 2018 will be abandoned by the end of 2020, as many providers are leaving the market. The question is: Why?

Like all emerging technologies, conversational AI has several key factors that make for a successful implementation. If you're thinking of the performance of the underlying AI model right now, you're only partially right - at least from Allganize's experience with our most successful clients.

Time savings as a result of Alli implementation (from Allganize's white paper)

In our latest white paper, we look at a selection of client case studies and identify five success factors that are crucial in applying conversational AI to business use cases. Those factors are:

  • Build a solid business case
  • Learn and adjust based on employee feedback
  • Know your audience and cater to it
  • Keep it simple and deploy quickly
  • Know when to choose AI over humans to gain more insight

Check out more details from real client cases in our white paper, and discover how to successfully leverage the power of AI in your organization!


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