Integrate Facebook Messenger

  1. In Alli dashboard go to Settings then press the CHANNELS tab on the page:
  2. Log into Facebook for Developers to retrieve the Page access token by following the steps below.
  3. At the top right corner, click My Apps and select the app you want to integrate with Alli.
  4. You can skip this step if you already have a page set up for this app; otherwise go to Settings > Advanced, clicks Create New Page then Save Changes.
  5. Click Dashboard in the left navigation.
  6. Click the “+” icon in the left navigation then click Set Up in Messenger.
  7. Scroll down to Access Token then select the page to integrate with Alli. Copy the Page Access Token into Alli’s integration form.
  8. Go back to Facebook for Developers and Click the “+” icon in the left navigation then click Set Up in Webhooks. Select the Page from the dropdown and click Subscribe To Events.
  9. Check the following Subscription Fields:
  10. Make sure that you are subscribed to the page you want in Webhook
  11. In Alli, click the Generate button in the Verify Token field.
  12. Copy and paste the Verify Token and Callback URL in Alli into Facebook’s Subscription Fields.
  13. In Alli, click INTEGRATE button in the Facebook form in the Alli dashboard and the form should look like this when completed.
  14. Give it about 15 minutes then you can message your Facebook App from Facebook Messenger to test out your chatflow.

Updating Verify Token or Callback URL in Facebook

If you need to update your Verify Token or Callback URL:

  1. Go to Webhooks in the left menu
  2. Click Edit Subscription
  3. A form will pop up where you can update the Verify Token and Callback URL