Now Alli can answer to customer questions even when there are no relevant FAQs added in the database yet. Our customers have been asking if Alli could answer directly from documents uploaded using our MRC feature (Alli User Guide - Fill the answer directly from your documents with MRC), and we updated the feature with the latest update!

To use this feature, you must have at least one document uploaded under the DOCUMENTS tab in the FAQ menu, turned on.

To activate the feature, check 'Allow direct answer from documents' checkbox in the FAQ node. If you want to set a different chat route after answering from documents, check 'Set actions when answer is found from documents'.

Please remember that finding relevant Q&As from the existing FAQ database always has priority over this feature. I would recommend to go to the FAQ configuration and set Question similarity threshold a bit higher than the default value of 0.4 if you want to see Alli answers from documents more often. If there's any FAQ candidate that has higher Confidence than this setting, this feature won't be triggered and that candidate will be shown to the customer.

Find FAQ configuration under the 'RETRAIN MODEL' button
Set this above 0.4 (Recommendation)

Now Alli will search for the answer from the documents uploaded when there are no relevant Q&A pairs in the FAQ and will show the result with the link to the source document.

The question and the answer will be added under the CANDIDATE tab so you can easily add them to the FAQ later.