Now Alli's AI suggests hashtags for your Q&A and the Candidates database. All you need to do to add hashtags now is to approve the tags with one click! Let's check out how it works.

Once you have enough hashtags added to the Q&As in your Alli dashboard, the auto-tag feature will be activated automatically. You'll then see the suggested tags under the Knowledge Base > Q&A and Knowledge Base > Candidates menu.

You can also click on the 'Run auto-tagging' to run auto-tagging for the Q&A or the Candidate whenever you want.

When you mouse over on a suggested tag, you'll see a check icon and an X icon. Each icon functions differently by the tag's state.

  • 'Suggested': Check icon approves the tag. X icon rejects the tag.
  • 'Approved': Check icon reverts it to the 'Suggested' state. X icon rejects the tag.
  • 'Rejected': You can see rejected tags when you click the '# rejected hashtags'. Check icon approves the tag. X icon reverts it to the 'Suggested' state.

To manage all auto-tags in one place, you can use the 'Auto-tagging' tab under the Knowledge Base menu.

  1. Run auto-tagging for all Q&As and Candidates.
  2. Filter, sort the tags.
  3. Turn on/off the tag for auto-tagging.
  4. Current status of the tag. You can see how many tags are Approved / Suggested / Rejected for Q&As and Candidates.
  5. Open the detailed status of the tag and manage the tag.

When you open the tag's detailed status, you can easily manage the tag for each Q&A and Candidate it's suggested for.

  1. The auto-tag you're managing.
  2. Select Q&A or Candidates.
  3. Reject / Approve individual Q&A or Candidate.
  4. Reject / Approve all.