Icon glossary

Icon glossary for user to check icons easier.

A - Add condition, Activity log, Add observation, Add to training data, Advanced keyword search, Agent, Answer with Q&A, Analytic, Answer with document, Apply filter, Assign value, Automation

B - Billing, Bold

C - Chat design, Copy, Conversation, Customer, Customize

D - Delete, Download

E - Edit, Entity Extraction

G - Glossary

H - Help

I - Insert file, Insert link, Insert photo, Integrations, Invite, Italic

J - Jump to  skill

K - Knowledge base

M - Message

N - Need help

O - Other actions, Open window

P - Preview

O - Other actions, Open window

R - Regenerate, Reoroder Menu, Remove formatting

S - Security, Setting, Small talk, Skills

T - Text color, Text size, Toggle

V - Variable

W - What's new?