To fine-tune Alli's AI, agents can give positive or negative feedback to any Q&A search results. When an agent gives feedback to a search result, a certain amount of adjustment is made to the 'Adjusted Score' of the search result. The adjustment is combined with feedback from customers and other agents, decides the order of the search results for the search query and the similar queries. You can read Alli User Guide - Letting Customer Feedback Affects FAQ Search Result to understand customer feedback and the Adjusted Score better.

There are two ways for agents to give feedback to the Q&A search result.

From Q&A Search Preview

When you try Q&A search preview in the dashboard under Knowledge Base > Q&A, you can see this up/down icon on the bottom right side of each Q&A listed.

You can simply click up or down on each Q&A to give positive or negative feedback. After you give your feedback, try the same search query again. You'll see the Adjusted Score has changed.

From the screenshot above, you can click on the up icon again to cancel your feedback or the down icon to change your feedback to negative.

Using this way, you can give feedback to the top Q&A search results quickly. By the way, if you want to give your feedback to Q&A items not listed in the preview result, or if you want to manage feedbacks for all search queries that have any feedback, you can use the Query Training Menu.

From Query Training Menu

Go to Knowledge Base > Query Training. You can see that the query you just trained is listed under the 'Trained Query List'.

Click the query; then, you can see all the Q&As in your database with the feedback you gave on them for the query. You can give your feedback for the query to any Q&A here by clicking on the up and down icons. Click the 'Train New Query' button to add a new query for training or the 'back' button to go back to the previous screen.

To train a new query, enter the query in the query field under the 'Enter query to train you AI'; then press enter or click the 'Train' button.

You'll see the training screen for the query you just entered to give your feedback to any Q&A.

Once you give all your feedback, you can go back to the Q&A tab and try the search query you just trained. You'll see that the feedback you just gave is affecting the Adjusted Score and the search result.

That was it! You can fine-tune your AI any time using this feature to achieve even higher AI accuracy. For example, you can check the Candidates tab regularly and see if any unanswered questions actually can be answered by the existing Q&A database, and train the AI for those questions. Or you can think of possible customer questions by yourself and use those questions for training to get Alli ready before opening to customers.