What is FAQ Chat?

FAQ solves common questions that are asked often and can be easily resolved. You can upload questions and answers and they will be parsed and added as training phrases. Alli uses this information when looking for responses to user questions. User questions will be automatically answered using your uploaded FAQ.

Preparing the FAQ

There are two ways to add questions and answers to your project:

  1. Add Q&A
    1. Click on FAQ in the left navigation.
    2. Click on ADD FAQ.
    3. Select ADD Q&A in the dropdown.
    4. Enter question and answer in the input fields.
    5. You can add hashtags to add context or group questions. Create a brand new hashtag simply by a series of words into the Hashtags field.
    6. Click SUBMIT.
  2. Upload FAQ
    1. Click on FAQ in the left navigation.
    2. Click on ADD FAQ.
    3. Select UPLOAD FAQ in the dropdown.
    4. Browse or drag .tsv file with questions and answers to upload.
    5. Click UPLOAD.
    6. Advanced guides for FAQ uploading:
      Uploading FAQ with Images
      Uploading FAQ with Links and Text Styles

You can also add FAQs using unanswered questions under the CANDIDATES tab with Alli's MRC feature. Check out this post for more details:
Fill the answer directly from your documents with MRC

Creating FAQ chatflow

The FAQ Node allows you to tap into the questions and answers you uploaded and use them to respond to your customers.

  1. Create an FAQ campaign and chatflow by clicking on the FAQ template:
  2. Alternatively, you can add an FAQ node directly by clicking Answer with FAQ:
  3. In the Ask a question field, you can enter a message or simply leave it blank.
  4. You can select a variable from the dropdown under ‘Save response in’ to save customer’s question/input.
  5. Finally, make sure to pull an arrow to the FAQ node you just created and save.
  6. Test the chatflow by clicking PREVIEW in the top right.