Building FAQ or knowledge base answers is often an unstructured task. The Answer with FAQ node simplifies this process as Alli understands and automatically curates responses from the content you provide.

To use this feature, you will have to first upload your FAQ knowledge base on the FAQ page. Please see this user guide for more details: Alli - Setting up FAQ Chat.

In the chat builder, the FAQ node icon can be found here.

1. You can decide how to get the question.

  • Selecting 'User input' allows you to type in a message to show to the customer. The customer can ask a FAQ question after seeing the message.
  • Selecting 'Variable' allows you to assign a variable to use the value of it as a question. When the skill gets to the FAQ node, the node will look for the answer right away since the question is already given.

2.  When a question is answered, Alli repeats the FAQ node process to answer another question (In most cases. Please see #7 below for more details). If this option is unchecked, the message you entered in 1 will not be repeated. This option doesn't show up if 'Variable' is selected as the question source in #1.

3.  When there are no FAQ matches, Alli will automatically look for answers from uploaded documents under the DOCUMENTS tab. Please see Alli New Feature - Direct Answer from Uploaded Documents to learn more.

4.  With this option you can set a different flow when a question is answered by 3.

5.  Use this option to select hashtags to let this FAQ node only look for Q&As with selected hashtags. You can select variables too, and it works when the variable value is one of the existing hashtag.

6.  When your user selects FAQ entries with the hashtags added here, then you can set a different route for every hashtag.

7.  When this option is checked, Alli will not repeat the FAQ node and will route the chat flow to another node from the 'Other' option under the node. It's a little complicated to visualize how this feature works, so refer to the example below.

In the chat flow above, each case from A to E routes the chatflow to different nodes.

A: FAQ with '#company' hashtag is selected (or directly answered).
B: An FAQ is selected from the suggestions and it's not an A case.
C: Answers are extracted from uploaded documents.
D: Alli suggested some FAQs but the user selected 'None of the above'
E: Alli could not suggest any FAQs or find answers from the uploaded documents.

If Add Selection "Other" is not checked, the FAQ node will repeat in case of B.

8.  This option allows you to save a user's response in a variable.

FAQ node is one of the most important nodes in Alli. You can check out more user guides related to FAQ nodes using the links below.