Question & Answer

  1. Add FAQ: Add or Upload FAQ
    1. Upload FAQ: Upload questions and answer in bulk.
    2. Add Q&A: Add question and answer individually.
  2. Download: Download all the FAQ questions and answers.
  3. Toolbar
    1. Search: Search for specific questions or answers in FAQ.
    2. All/on/off filters: You can filter the question and answer list by On/Off status.
    3. Other filters: The list can be filtered by Created Day, matched user’s question (number of times), number of times a question was suggested to users, number of times a question was selected.
    4. Number of display per page: You can control the number of question and answer sets to display per page.
  4. On/Off Toggle: Turn question answer set on/off. The question and answer is only available to users when it is turned on.
  5. Delete/Edit
    1. Delete: Delete a question and answer permanently.
    2. Edit: Edit question and answer.


If Alli cannot match a question or the user select “None of the above,” the original question from the user will be filed under the Candidates tab.

  1. In the CANDIDATES tab, you'll find questions from your users that do not have an answer.
  2. In the DOCUMENTS tab, agents can upload documents for Alli to automatically find answers for users' questions.
  3. Find Answer - Click to have Alli find the answer from uploaded documents in the DOCUMENTS tab. If Alli cannot find an answer, it'll show 'No document contains the answer'.
  4. Conversation/Delete/Add
    1. Conversation: View the conversation history of the unidentified question.
    2. Delete: Delete an unidentified question permanently.
    3. Add: Add an Unidentified question to Q&A. This will make the question available to the model after you’ve added an answer to it, and turned it on, and model training.