The Automation menu is added on the left navigation bar of Alli. Using this new feature, Alli can send out automated emails contain a link to a certain Alli skill, whenever the set condition is met. For example, you can send out an onboarding guide skill when a new customer starts to use your web service.

Click the Automation menu icon on the left navigation bar to access the Automation list.

  • Edit an existing Automation by clicking the edit icon.
  • To remove Automations, check the checkbox of the Automations to remove and click the trash bin icon.
  • Click the '+ Add' button to start creating an Automation. 'Add Automation' page will appear.
  1. Automation name: This name will be listed in the Automation menu.
  2. Trigger: Select the variable to detect changes. When any change is made to the variable value, the action defined below will be triggered.
  3. Action on trigger: The action you can set at the moment is sending an email with a link to an Alli skill.
    - Skill to send: Select the skill to include the link in the email. Please remember that only activated skills are listed in the dropdown. You can also select 'Send email without link to skill' to remove the link button from the email.
    - To: Select the recipient for the email. This can be either 'Customer who has the variable value changed' or 'Customer in the conversation where the variable value changed', depending on the type of the variable. You can also select 'Custom email address below' to enter the email address to receive the email manually.
  4. Email content
    - Button text: The text on the link to the assigned skill in the email.
    - E-mail title:
    The title of the email. You can use variables to customize the title. Simply start with '@' and type in the variable name, and select the variable you want to use from the dropdown that appear.
    - E-mail body:
    The body of the email. You can apply styles and add images, videos, and links using the edit panel. You can also use variables here in the same way as the email title.
  5. Preview: The preview of the email to be sent. It applies the changes you made in real-time. All the variables in the preview will be converted into the real value for the recipient.
  6. Cancel or Submit the changes.

How to update variable values

To trigger an Automation, you need to change the assigned variable's value. There are four ways to update variable values.

  1. System variables are updated automatically upon certain conditions. Please see this user guide for details.
  2. Use proper nodes in your Alli skills and let conversations via Alli SDK updates the value. For example, you can save certain values using the 'Save response in' feature in the FAQ node or the Send a Message node. Or you can just use the Assign Value node to directly assign certain values.
  3. Change the value manually from the Customers menu. Simply select the customer you want and update the variable value. The change is auto-saved.
  4. Use the API below to let your customer behavior updates variable values. Please remember that you can only update User Variables using this API. See this user guide to learn more about the types of Alli's variables.
curl -d '{
    "customer_list": [
            "customer_id": "YOUR_CUSTOMER_ID",
            "variable_name": "VARIABLE_NAME_WITHOUT_@",
            "value": "VAULE_TO_SAVE"
}' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \

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